Arches, Lashes, and Legs

the look and total looks 08062015 blooming threads 08062015

Local beauty salons abound along Broadway but the ones that draw my eye on my regular commute to work just opened in the past two years and are all between 146th and 147th. Part of the draw is the woman dutifully offering me a info card every time I walk by and the other part is “look over here” store front color scheme of red and hot pink. Total Look, The Looks Threading Salon, and Blooming Threading, each with different owners despite an almost identical look between two of them, offer threading, eyelash extensions, waxing, bleaching, and facials. As of today, the combined Yelp reviews for The Looks and Blooming Threading add up to 15 (8 and 7 respectively), with both salons boasting grand scores of 4.5/5 stars. Repeated attempts to find a Yelp page, or any page for that matter, for Total Looks were in vain.

I’ve visited both The Looks and Total Look, having bypassed the second one multiple times thinking it to be an extension of the first. The service was kind and swift in both locations. Eyebrow threading services were rendered for $5 at The Looks and $6 at Total Look, definitely very reasonable and a few bucks less than my former eyebrow go-to spot on the Upper East Side. For the sake of research, I plan to look into the facial services of all three establishments. Stay tuned for reports on dewiness of the skin, disappearance of the pores, and the fragrant aroma of different cleansing concoctions.

the looks card


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