Street Art for a Cause: Audubon Mural Project

Audobon hummingbird for asali yoga 05282015 A few months ago, while stopping to admire this beautiful painting on a leisurely walk around the block, the lovely owner of Asali Yoga, whose entrance is located directly to the left of this mural, stepped out to inform me that it was done by the Audubon Society. I have no shame in admitting that in the moment I politely nodded in recognition but silently made a mental note to Google exactly what the Audubon organization did. My facial expression may have betrayed me a little though because she went on to explain that the mission of this non-profit is to conserve the natural ecosystems of birds and other wild life. Ahhh, I see.

After chatting a bit more, we went about our separate ways and curious for more details, “Audubon society” still found its way into my search engine. Some quick facts that I learned are that the organization was founded in 1905 and named after ornithologist John James Audubon, author of the book Birds of America. This mural project is actually a collaboration between the Audubon Society and the Gitler & ____ Gallery, located between 149th and 150th on Broadway. Another fun fact, John James Audubon spent the last decade of his life in the area at a Hudson River Estate and was buried at the Trinity Church Cemetery at 155th St and Broadway. The link provided below does the best job explaining what this project is about but I still want to share my photos of these hidden gems in my hood. Thanks to everyone involved and especially the artists who have not only provided some vivid visuals to the locals but also an incentive to learn more about this cause.

You can find out more or donate at

2014-11-02 17.26.16      2014-11-02 17.25.51

Taken in early November 2014, this was the first time I noticed the project being incorporated.

2014-11-02 17.26.35

Mr. Audubon himself with his friend the Cerulean Warbler perched on his shoulder.

2014-11-27 15.55.57

Even more striking in person, definitely walk this block from 149th to 150th on Broadway to see these murals for yourself.

salon gate 08062015        salon gate 2 08062015

Another newer Hamilton Heights establishment, Gitler & ____, an art gallery(!) that offers entry midday Saturday, Sunday, and Monday and by appointment, is located amid these paintings.

duck ramp 08062015 pelican ramp 08062015

These paintings line the ramp on the side of the building at 601 W 149th St.


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