Sound Body Sound Mind

“Ssssssshhhhh. Inhale deep. Hhhhhhaaaaaaaa. Inhale Deeper. Mmmmmmmm. Inhale the deepest breath of your life. Hold it. Exhale all the air out as slowly as you can.” If you have taken any kind of yoga, you are probably familiar with breathing instructions similar to these. I am a big fan of keeping the body in shape, especially through yoga, and as I am most definitely not unique in that aspect, below are quick peeks of yoga studios in the neighborhood. For full reviews of these establishments, click on the images.

brahman yoga store front 8115

Brahman Yoga Studio.

bikram yoga harlem sign 08102015

Bikram Yoga Harlem

asali yoga 08052015   asali yoga 08062015

Asali Yoga

me yoga featured image


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