Food and Dining

Click on the photo to get an in depth review of the tasty dishes and drinks pictured below.

harlem public breakfast burger plate 8115     harlem public bbq burger bite 08052015

Breakfast Burger and Fries, followed by BBQ Burger from Harlem Public.


hogshead tavern korean beef taco 070815

Korean Beef Taco from Hogshead Tavern (served with two tacos).

bono pizza 73115 bono strangozzi 73115 bono apricot pecan tart 73115

Parma Pizza, Strangozzi, and Apricot Peach Tart from Bono Trattoria.

loft 142 sangria 71515

Sangria from Loft 142 ($5 a glass during happy hour).

drafthouse mozzarella in carozza 0715

Mozzarella in Carrozza (deep fried grilled cheese) from Drafthouse.

hand pulled pork bun

Pork belly Baozi from Handpulled Noodle.


anchor lamb chops 08032015

Lamb chops from Anchor.


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