Loft 142

loft 142 sangria 71515   If you get a little lost trying to find Loft 142 for the first time, just remember Broadway and the name will do the rest. Once inside, the bar tenders instantly feel like friends you’ve known forever, putting you at ease with their laid back, genuine demeanor. While food is available, the menu is changing as is apt to happen in a new place. One recent change: french fries dusted in a tasty concoction of spices have replaced the original fancy “spuds” as a side order.I got to try these fries when my companion ordered the burger (because sharing is caring). The burger received two thumbs up as well.

loft 142 burger

Having only opened on June 11, Loft is rooted on the corner as a can’t miss chill spot decorated as you would imagine a garage turned hip after-hours lounge would look. Dark red and black are the key colors while tastefully placed knick-knacks such as masks, suitcases, and extra speakers hang artfully from the walls and ceiling. There’s a cool upper level perfect for people watching if you choose. The majority of the music playing seems to be from the bar back’s delightfully 90’s playlist, lending to the familiar feel of hanging at a friend’s house. On a couple of occasions I’ve enjoyed their red sangria, offered for $5 a glass during happy hour. Happy hour also boasts $3 Coronas and other discounted beers to quench your thirst after a long day at work or a lazy day at home.

Within a blocks distance of two other new bars boasting craft beers, Loft 142 easily holds its own. I look forward to more evenings tasting the rest of the food menu and visiting new found friends while sipping on my drink and bobbing my head to throw back jams.


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